Hand drawn letters are not only useful for developing corporate brands and communication, it is also a very fun activity that releases creativity and a nice sense of calm – primal human states that are well on their way to extinction, it seems. To put it bluntly:


I run workshops for organizations and individuals, which is one of the most fun things I do. It’s a fun shortcut to learning – if you want a few hours of educational relaxation for the design team or to get started on your own hobby: lettering, there’s no better way than to meet in person and draw and talk letters.

I have been running workshops since 2018 and my goal is always – without exception – to kick performance anxiety in the butt and create a solid foundation to stand on by giving as many tips and tricks as I can. Learning lettering should be fun, partly because life is too short for the opposite, and partly because you learn faster when you like what you do. Simple math.

Do you want to organize a course for your colleagues or employees, or maybe for a group of friends? Email me here and we’ll sort it out. 

brushpen workshop
Current workshops in Sweden 2023, organized by Ink & Lise

Göteborg, September 28th, 2023, Fineliner Lettering for Beginners

Public workshops organized by others


16 & 17 september – brush lettering and fineliner workshops, more info to come.


September 20th, brush lettering workshop for beginners. More info and tickets  here.


September 25 & 26th, fineliner and poster (layout) workshop for beginners.


October 1st, brush lettering workshop for beginners. More info and tickets can be found here