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To be honest, I became a lettering illustrator mostly because I LOVE pencils and paper. Long before I learned how to handle these materials properly, the fascination was there – I had (or if we are correct: have) shelves of beautiful notebooks that might not necessarily be used but they made me happy just by EXISTING.

I guess I sensed then what I know now: 

Nice paper

When drawing letters, illustrating or writing, you soon discover that there is a difference between paper and paper, especially if you want to achieve a certain result or effect, or simply make your pens last longer. Since I use quite a lot of paper in my work, the carbon footprint is also an important parameter for me, and I couldn’t find the products I was looking for in retail stores, so I took matters into my own hands and created them myself.

I’ve created a series of handmade, unique pads using the highest quality Swedish-made paper whose production is quite kind to the environment compared to most others. They are handmade by me and spiral bound, but they can also be sold block glued or as loose paper. The cover can of course be adjusted as needed.

I also sell other paper products such as my books, affirmation cards with a twist and cards with envelopes, with or without printing.

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If you want to buy individual pads, books, pens, cards etc. for personal use you can find my shop here.

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