Pen for hire

Want to sell more? So it’s not enough for your words to be good, they have to look good too. For:

I’m a graphic designer with a focus on lettering, my whole job is to fix this for you.

Competition for customers’ attention is notoriously fierce, and it is not primarily about who has the best product or service, but about who gets noticed. People can talk about positioning, brand impact and transformation journey all they want, but it really boils down to the fact that you need to be seen and read to sell.

Hand-drawn letters are an effective shortcut to increasingly elusive attention. Our brains scan more than they read, which means images stick faster and make a bigger impression – hand-drawn letters simply lift your company name, message or product out of the noise. It is as simple as that.

Pre-drawing doesn’t make everything better, but almost. See for yourself:

Logos, fonts and other elements of a graphic profile/identity
Packaging design
Wall murals (duh!)
Book titles
Wedding invitations
(and a lot more)


I can help you with this without it being complicated or expensive (you can read how to do it here). In my previous life I have worked in marketing but since 2017 I have focused on formulating and visualizing words under my own brand and I guess I can be called a lettering illustrator if titles are of interest. My love of letters combined with my knowledge of branding is my biggest asset, I’m pretty sure. I’m also nice to hang out with, but that should be seen as a bonus in this context.

You are welcome to contact me to see if the latter is true. Or if you want to discuss what good lettering can do for your business. That’s fine too.

Onwards and upwards,


P.S. I’m just speculating here, but an image bank with hand-drawn words to use to highlight your brand in social media posts so you always have the opportunity to easily make eye-catching and selling posts that reflect your brand PERFECTLY, wouldn’t that be something?

Why should you use lettering in your marketing?

The short answer is here:


Hand-drawn letters cannot be copied. Even I can’t copy my own letters 100% – they become the company’s graphic fingerprint, so to speak, and we like that! They can be shaped exactly as you want, you don’t have to stick to already existing options. Of course, they give a completely different feel compared to a headline, title or logo in a vague font that risks being predictable, bland and ineffective – or in other words, money down the drain. And we don’t like that.

The best thing about lettering: hand-drawn letters create an image of your text. Images are much easier for people to notice and remember compared to what the brain only sorts as words. In short: to build the identity, campaign or voice your company needs to stand out from the crowd, lettering is unbeatable.

Okay, we have established that. We move on to the next question:

Is it expensive and complicated to hire a lettering artist? Yes, you realize that I will answer “no” to that question, but it is not just rhetorical flourish, but quite legitimate. Things you’re not used to using can often feel complicated and complicated usually means expensive. This is the case. But in the case of Ink & Lise, this is not the case. I have worked on the buyer side and know how it works in larger companies, and I also know what the conditions are like for smaller companies and their marketing – I run one myself.

Block ink & Lise

Hand-drawn letters give your business a unique voice.

You don’t have to be skilled in lettering or design in general for that matter to work with me. If you have an idea of what you want and don’t want, we’ll work from there. If you don’t have it, I will help you by making various quick suggestions. It’s quick and easy and helps us both. It is often easier to say what you think about something you see than to paint the picture yourself. While I’m admittedly good at talking, I’m also an ace at listening, which is one of my most important qualities in my job.

Lettering is about painting an image that doesn’t already exist. Lettering gives your company a unique voice and identity, whether the message is painted on a wall, printed on business cards or digitized into your own fonts.

Since the things I deliver were originally drawn by hand, I can draw them even after they are digitized, they are still in my hand. So once the company logo is set, I can create a movie where I draw it. The video can be used in the implementation process or as a promotion.

Few things are as fascinating as seeing something emerge on paper – use it! Consider, for example, presentations which can often be real sleeping pills. But instead of a boring power point bulleted list, resting your eyes on a hand and pencil drawing out the content as you talk about it will keep your interest, I promise.