Lise Hellström

All you really need to know about me is that I’m passionate about letters and communication, and that I’m really good at both, which could come in handy for you. That’s about it. 

But if we’re going to get a little more personally acquainted, you and I, I guess I should add a few more facts. Otherwise it will be… rigid? Let’s start in broad terms:

For example, my name is Lise Hellström and I live in Varberg, Sweden. I run Ink & Lise since 2017 with a focus on creating customized graphic design with a focus on letters in order to create, lift or develop brands, products and people.

But it’s not just surface that interests me: I also do copywriting. My work process is straightforward, transparent and clear – a bit like me actually, with the added bonus that I’m also quite fun to be around.

I work with brands, companies and people from many different industries and countries as long as they are fair and genuine – that has been my motto since I started and I will stick to it until I die.

In addition, I have written a few books, give lectures and workshops in different areas, develop my own products and have a webshop where I sell all the pens and tools that I love to use on a daily basis. I send out more or less regular newsletters with tips and thoughts on important things like lettering, stress, new pens, and logo design and I’m also on instagram under @inkandlise – it’s my own sandbox where I quickly draw simple, funny or important words for fun because life is too short for the opposite.

That was a presentation about my job. I put it in first because I want you to buy my services and products. It allows me to continue doing what I love and am good at and puts food on the table for my family, so it definitely serves a purpose.

But if we can skip the sales pitch for now, you might be amused to know that:

I have a great passion for empty notebooks, wine, books and space.

I believe that people need more togetherness, more free time, more equal conditions and more time to read books.

I think we need more time in nature at the expense of our time with a phone in hand, and

I’m absolutely convinced that feminism hasn’t gone too far at all (add to that a hefty dose of climate anxiety, and you get some of my best motivations to create).

I listen to Billie Holiday and Cal Newport, but for completely different reasons.

I love the color black, furry animals and linen sheets – in no particular order, I might add.

Like that?

Does this sound like someone you would like to work with? Send me an email and I’ll get the ball rolling! Today