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The tall Type, practice sheets- NEW PRODUCTS, Practice sheets - INK & LISE


The tall Type, practice sheets


This is a downloadable 23 pages practice sheet featuring the Tall Type. This very condensed, long legged style, has been with me since 2016, and I must have used it hundreds of times. If consistency is achieved, Tall Type looks very handsome and strict and turns words and quotes into perfect rectangles, almost lika bar code. It takes some practice getting used to, but in these sheets we take it step by step: You’ll get to practice three different sizes in order for your hand to slowly get used to lengthening the vertical lines more and more without wobbling.


The sheets covers characteristics and techniques, and like mentioned the sizes of alphabets along with some quotes.


For this practice sheet, I recommend the Staedtler Pigment Liner 1.0 or 1.2, and for bigger pieces, I use the Sakura Pen Touch 2.0


You will get the link to the pdf in your order confirmation mail. Download it to your computer or iPad and print as many copies as you want. The link expires in 30 days, and you can use the down load link 3 times maximum. Enjoy!

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Detta är övningsblad för stilen the Tall Type, med både stora och lilla alfabetet, ord och exempel på variationer samt ett citat att öva på. I häftet är teori blandat med praktisk övning.


Totalt är häftet 23 sidor. All text är på engelska.


Du köper häftet som en pdf, nedladdningslänken kommer med orderbekräftelsen. Du får ladda ned det max tre gånger inom trettio dagar, men kan självklart skriva ut hur många ex som helst av det när du väl laddat ner det. Var dock snäll och undvik att dela pdf’en.