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Workshop old

Books and YouTube in all their glory, but there are few things that beat real-life meetings with people. To be challenged, entertained, get answers to your questions or good ideas on the spot. Add nice coffee breaks, a few glasses of wine and finger foods and I’m thinking a workshop could be a great beginning (or middle, depending on how far you’ve come) to your letter-drawing life, and at the very least you’ll be in the company of people who share your interest. Any which way, it’s likely to be a great time well spent. I suppose there’s always the possibility it could end up being a boring waste of time, but I definitely strive to make my workshops live up to the first scenario I mentioned.

Below, you can see a list of planned workshops and where to sign up. No workshop where you live? Then get together a bunch of your friends, give me a call and I’ll do my best to come at rocket speed. (Especially if there’s wine involved.)

Upcoming workshops

2019-12-30 Nääs Fabriker Gothenburg

2020-01-15 Börjes trädgård Malmö

Lettering Workshop Lise Hellström