Welcome to the Dark Side, small


Who says that pastels and black don’t go together? They totally do! Also you don’t have to just use pastels on white paper, you know. Quite the opposite, to be honest – some pastel gel pens actually look so cool on dark paper. Therefore, I have put together this little set for you to enjoy, with brand new pens and a brand new A5 pad with black kick ass paper:



Lettering Pad Black A5 Your lettering is only as good as your paper. I know how it’s so much more fun to pick new pens in glittery colors than spending your pennies on paper, but the more I work in this field, the more convinced I get that this is true. This doesn’t necessarily apply 100% if you’re using a pencil or the give away roller ball pen you stole (sorry, borrowed) from work. But when it comes to lettering pens, it’s the honest truth. This deep black paper has little impact on the environment, and though it’s uncoated, its surface is very smooth to suit the most posh brush pens.


Pentel Hybrid Milky Pastels. These pens are totally new in my shop, and so far you can only buy them in this kit. It’s not common for pastel colored ink to have the opacity that works in deep black paper, and while they aren’t the thickest in my shop (they are 0.8mm, while the Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip is 1.0 mm) their seven alert and cute pastel colors totally make up for it. Oh, and they work just as good on white paper too, and would also be perfect for bullet journals doodles. I’d love to see what you will create with them!


Enjoy the small dark side!




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