The Actress, practice sheets


This is a downloadable 25 pages practice sheet covering the Actress, a rather dramatic diva that will make you put a thicker brush pen tip to the test. It’s amazing for singular words and standalone titles (imagine it headlining a wedding invitation!), and also dresses up shorter quotes for quiet the party.


The sheets covers characteristics, variations and techniques, and obviously the upper and lower case alphabet, along with words, quotes and style variations.


This practice sheet is drawn with a brush tip that’s a bit bigger than the ordinary fine tips. I used the big tip in this Pentel Sign Brush Pen set It’s bit softer and more challenging than the normal size Pentel, but it gives you those thick, gorgeous lines without compromising the hairlines. If you want color, you can go for yet a bit bigger tips – the Sakura Koi or the Staedtler Watercolor Brush Pens. These are felt tips, though, which makes keeping the thins crystal sharp a bit harder. Just so you know incase you get frustrated. It’s always the pen’s fault.


You will get the link to the pdf in your order confirmation mail. Download it to your computer or iPad and print as many copies as you want. The link expires in 30 days, and you can use the link 3 times maximum. Enjoy!

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Detta är övningsblad för stilen the Actress, med både stora och lilla alfabetet, ord och exempel på variationer samt ett citat att öva på. I häften är teori blandat med praktisk övning.


Totalt är häftet 25 sidor. All text är på engelska.


Du köper häftet som en pdf, nedladdningslänken kommer med orderbekräftelsen. Du får ladda ned det max tre gånger inom trettio dagar, men kan självklart skriva ut hur många ex som helst av det när du väl laddat ner det. Var dock snäll och undvik att dela pdf’en.