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I searched long and hard for a book on drawing letters that I couldn’t live without, but I never found one; so, instead, I wrote one.

Lises Lettering contains information on the basics of lettering and a bunch of ideas for what to do with all the letters you draw – and believe me, they are bound to add up since lettering is so much fun. It also contains some nonsense about coffee and swear words, too, but it’s still worth reading. This is not the most thorough lettering book when it comes to techniques, there are already loads of those on the market. But it is a book with lots of ideas, inspiration and tips on how to keep having fun, while learning something completely new. I share a lot about my own journey from never having seen a brush pen, to actually making a living out of it.

All books I sell here, I will sign, so don’t forget to fill out the name you want me to dedicate the book to when you buy one.

Please note – the book is entirely in Swedish. I will be sure to let you know if and when it will appear in other languages.

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