So this is pretty much the shop I wish I had found when I started this lettering journey a couple of years ago. Or, sort of, anyway. You’ll find prints in limited editions, cards that are not, tees, totes, pouches and so on with my letters on them. I have done my best to find materials and products that leave as small a footprint as possible upon this earth, and that work in ongoing. 

You can also find my favorite pens, the best paper, books and practice sheets in here, if you’re the kind of person that want to draw your own letters instead of looking at others all the time (I salute you!).  Knowing what pens and paper to use when you’re starting out can be overwhelming, so I’ve put together some kits for you in case you need a bit of guidance on that department.


I  draw things that I post on Instagram almost every day. I do it for fun, and I really enjoy just speaking my mind through my pens. When I’m done I put the stuff in a drawer and never look at them again. I move on, and forget about it, but I have found a way to make use of all the letters piling up in my studio. I’ll simply put most of them up for grabs for anyone that’s interested, and you don’t have to pay more than what you think it’s worth! In other words, I’m auctioning them!

So if you find something in here that you like, you can place a bid, and the bid starts at 1€, so chances are that you might be getting your favorite little original for a bargin! Each auction lasts five days, and if you’ve won, you simply log onto your page and put it in the cart.


Each original is signed and sold as is. Size and paper used are mentioned with each product. Happy hunting!