The right hand drawn letters will inevitably strengthen the message you’re sending out into the world, whether on a package, as a logo, on a magazine cover, on your office wall or as a typeface. The problem is often to find the right ones, and preferably so within a smooth process. My marketing background is of great use to me when I’m working with clients, as I used to be the buyer myself. I’m an extrovert designer with a big variety in my hand and I know how to keep deadlines. I have worked with clients all over the world, and finding the way to the exact right communicative expression is still almost as fun to me as drawing the letters and seeing the final result itself.


When working with design, you need input to deliver output. A hand lettering workshop could either be  the first step for you to learn to draw your company’s own letters, or it could be a fun and light-hearted afternoon with your colleagues where you let go of the computer to watch ink bleed into paper and get som new ideas for your own design work at the same time as you’re all having fun. I conduct all sorts of workshops in both English and Swedish. I also do taks about things that I’ve learned along the way, like hand lettering as a way of communicating your brand, social media, and how to work smarter instead of harder.


Have you found this amazing, new calming, zen a.f. hobby, but needs some help to take it a step further? Are you thinking about how to actually make some money off of your letters? Do you want to know more about the huge difference the right paper can make? I’d love to help you out! In Learn you can read more about the public workshops and talks I have or will have, both in person and online.

Custom products

Words carry great strength, make sure you surround yourself with the right ones.  Whether you want a gift for a bestie, something to hang on your wall, to put on your body or to invite people to the party of the year, hand made letters will ensure that nothing else in the whole wide world looks exactly like what you have. I would love to help you out with for instance:


  • Originals
  • Wedding/party stationery
  • Tattoo design




Lise Hellström


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