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My husband’s posters

My husband’s posters

My husband has this small print shop that comes in incredibly handy to a woman who’s selling cards, pad, posters and so on in her shop. Yes, I’m talking about yours truly. I married well, I must say, but on the other hand, so did he, haha. Anyway, I can print on demand which provides me from keeping too many things in stock and that is fine because I don’t have that much space in my tiny studio. So, whenever I need him to print something, I send him an email with the originals, or put them in a particular dropbox folder – LOVE dropbox, by the way! What would I have done without it? – and if I’m lucky, he remembers to print it and brings it home in the afternoon.

Now, when I launched my new site, I made sure to provide posters in the shop in sizes that would fit both European and American standards, because having a poster that doesn’t fit any frame is just… well it sucks, obviously. So besides for cm-standard sizes I also have a few inches ones – 11 x 17 and 18 x 24. Naturally, I name the originals by the size too to make everything extra clear.

The other day, I asked my husband to print a few versions of the poster seen above, named “Stop doing yes 11 x 17” and he came home with this:

So, should you happen to know a few squirrels, mice or the occasional frog who’s looking for a motivational poster to put up in their home, you know who to recommend.

Warm regards,

a woman married to a metric system man.

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