Like most other people, my life has been a major roller coaster ride. It took time, courage and a whole lot of willpower, not to mention a failure or two, before I managed to find myself in an occupation that I can’t get enough of. I believe in being kind, but also in being able to stand up for yourself. I believe in working together and that you don’t have to be so dead serious all the time. And I think we are all more different from each other, and more alike, than we think.

Considering this background, feel free to hire me for lectures on the following subjects:

Lettering, the new trend

Hand lettering is a traditional, analog design method that has been used for ages by designers, lettering artists and logo designers, but which up until now, has been rather unheard of among the Swedish masses. It is predicted to be the next big trend since people want something analog and calming to do with their time. When it comes to the professional purpose of strengthening brands and communications, hand-drawn letters and symbols could be just the element needed to boost a unique brand expression.

You could see this lecture as a chat on how a little lettering can go a long way. How I got started, and how this is my profession today despite the fact that I never did anything even remotely similar in my life.

The lecture addresses people who work in communications, or who are interested in it. It deals mostly with lettering from a corporate viewpoint. If you are instead more interested in lettering as a hobby and to hear anecdotes, get information and even a bit of inspiration, I recommend a workshop.

Making a U-turn

I have had a lot of jobs, most recently as the head of marketing at a large corporation. It was a really fun and developmental job, but I left nonetheless to embark on the unknown journey of being a creative artist, though I had never done anything creative as an adult. And by nothing I mean NOT A SINGLE THING.

In this lecture, I talk about changing careers abruptly, spontaneously and without a whole lot of thought, and about the results of this U-turn. A chat about questioning all the “musts” in life, standing up for what you believe in and surrounding yourself with the right people so that you can wake up on Monday mornings with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Social media

So, what’s it good for anyway? How can you use it in your career to build your brand and customer relationships and to find new target groups? How do you get people interested? For me, social media was the reason I started lettering, and it’s where I learned about it and found the support and the customers that allowed me to develop my company.

On how to build an account and brand with 100,000 followers in two years – the pros, the cons and the future.

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Föreläsning - Lecture by Lise Hellström