So, the way I see it, life is messy sometimes. It’s inconsistent, difficult and full of conflict, but pretty fun too now and again. Regardless of what adjectives you use, it’s your life and no one else’s, because you’re not like everybody else. And that’s exactly where I’m coming from when I draw letters. I only draw what I like, the way I like it. All my motifs are prints of my hand-drawn originals, printed with little environmental impact on the nicest Swedish paper I’ve been able to find. That’s why my letters are never perfect; you’ll find flaws here and there, just like in me, and that’s just the way I like it. If you’re looking for perfect letters, I suggest you type them out on a keyboard instead.

I want to do something that feels real, something that’ll make you laugh, give you power or that says what you want to say, whether in the form of a pad of paper, a card or a print. And just as there is only one you, my prints are limited, only printed in rather small editions. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. But then something new comes along, as things often do in life. And if you want something that only you have, you can buy a tailor-made original.

And for those of you who want to draw your own life letters, you’ll find some interesting things here – a lettering book, my favorite pens and cards. Before long you’ll find notebooks, note pads, practice sheets, t-shirts, calendars and other great stuff, because this journey has only just begun.

I ship free of charge to most parts of the world, since it shouldn’t matter where you live. Life is messy enough as it is.

And you know, the best part is not being like anyone else.

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