How it all started


Going from working a lot on things I didn’t like to working a little less on things that are really fun. I keep getting asked how I got into lettering and how I went about making a job out of my newfound hobby. I am not a “born entrepreneur”, in fact I have never been […]

Structure your work


Do you live with constant to-do lists that grow no matter how hard you work? Would you like to paint or draw more? Do you want more time off? Or maybe you have your own small business that you’d like to see grow but it’s so difficult because you’re drowning in emails, Instagram, stress or […]

My work process


This is how I work – from idea to finished original. Design is magic! Social media and portfolios show what people have created, the finished product and perhaps how it is used. But how did it come about? Somewhere it started with a need (the customer’s) and then an idea (yours), right? And how did […]

My best tools


Here’s the list of all my absolute favorites – pens and other items that I could never do without. Which pencils and paper should you choose if you want to work with letters? Unless you have unlimited funds and time (but hey, if you do: congratulations) and can try your hand at the world’s entire […]

The important brief


A little text about another little text that makes your work so much easier. What exactly is a letter? And why should you spend time on this when all you want to do is draw? Appropriate questions, absolutely. But here’s how: With a brief, you and your client determine the end goal, i.e. where you […]

On creativity and dark matter


(but mostly creativity) My top tips for daring to start a cretive life and having enough fun to keep it going. Do you also struggle to find inspiration, the courage to start drawing or find the time to do it? Or have you been doing it for a while but have fallen into a drought […]