Custom lettering

Graphic design

My background is in marketing and not only do I create the products I sell here, but I also work with ad agencies, marketing departments and smaller companies that want to give a unique, hand-drawn element to their communications. Whether it be with logos, packaging, labels, signs, menu signs, wall paintings, presentations – or an entire concept. I know it can be hard to find just the right supplier when you’re on the look-out. But drop me a line or call and we’ll see if maybe you’ve found the right supplier in me.

Tailored letters

Since I only sell limited editions of my prints, you won’t find a whole lot of people who have the same Ink & Lise posters on their walls, of that I’m sure. Sometimes it’s just so nice to have something that no one else has, not a single person, anywhere. Maybe you want your very own hand-drawn original of a text* that is important to you, something you want to give away as a memory, or on invitations, seating cards, signs or menus for your wedding? Drop me a line and tell me a bit about it and we’ll see if we can come up with something together.

* I do not sell quotes or text snippets that are copyright protected, for example from books or songs, unless I have been given the express right to do so. Might be good to know before you make your decision.

Custom made lettering by Lise Hellström