I love teaching. I actually worked as a high school teacher one year, and as crazy as that was, I whole heartedly loved the students – most of them anyway. That, and being in the center of attention, haha. No but seriously, connecting with people through a common interest or goal or point of view is magic (not that that was always the case among my dear big school students, but I can’t blame them, I hated high school too) and the last few years I’ve had in person lettering workshops in Germany, Finland, Saudi Arabia, and of course Sweden and I loved it. I was starting to plan a small Denmark and/or Germany tour when Covid 19 hit, but I’m still nurturing that idea, just so you know. I’m biding my time on that one.

If you insist on seeing the glass as half full (you weirdos, we all know it’s almost empty, but ok), you might say that this virus got me around to taking my loose ideas of making my classes an online experience a step closer to reality. It was the kind of a big and kind of intimidating project with no deadline that I didn’t quite know how to start and therefore simply didn’t, if you know what I mean. But now we’re on a roll, baby! A slow and steady roll, but still. A roll.

The way I see it, online classes is also a equality and environmentally issue to me. Not all of you have the possibility and the means to travel to attend workshops, and I can’t and won’t fly around the world the whole time to meet you, amazing as it would be, but our environment would’t exactly dig it. Going online means that many more of you can attend, from where you are and when you find it convenient, and to a lower cost.

I have already gotten a lot of amazing feedback from you via Instagram on what you’d like me to show you, and with those I’m slowly building a plan. I have also put a lot of thought into what platforms to use and what to publish where. New territory, you guys. Totally new. I will of course keep you guys posted on this, and I trust on you to breathe down my neck bit so that I will keep it rolling forward.

Onwards and upwards!