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Idris Elba - INK & LISE

Idris Elba

So this week went by in a whim, didn’t it? And now it’s Friday, close, so close, to the weekend. And remember – as some sort of compensation for being placed so far up north, Sweden’s got the CET, which means that I can start drinking wine much sooner than you guys who read this in sunny California can. It’s called universal justice, my friends. Universal justice for we the North.

Well, close as it might be, it’s still a few burning hours away, and I’ve got a few more things on my to do to check off before then. Today, I’ve been packing and shipping orders to Germany, the States, Switzerland, South Korea, Denmark, UK and Sweden – how freaking cool is that? I buy pens and paper, produce the prints, lettering pads, note pads, affirmation cards, cards and so on in my small studio here in my home, store it by playing Tetris because I have very limited space in here, receive your orders, pack it up and send it off to you guys around the world to use and enjoy. Pretty amazing, isn’t it, for one tall Swede that used to be burnt out and depressed? And it’s all thanks to you lovelies, so for that I’m eternally grateful, and therefore I will drink to you IN JUST TWO HOURS.

I have also walked the pup and ALMOST rescued him from rolling around in what might have been a very dead seagull on the beach, bless its soul, but also bless me as I had to wash my compadre when we got home when I really had a bunch of other stuff to do.

Besides that I have picked up oil for the patio, worked out (leg day, I hate and love it with great intensity), talked to my very nice DHL pick up-guy (yes, of course he has a name, but I can’t remember it for the life of me, sorry kind and service minded DHL guy), helped a kid make an omelet, drawn a cover for two new pads of black paper that I’ll launch soon, and recorded today’s IG post concerning the very big news that the delightful muted pastel colors of the Sign Brush Pen is back in stock!

You guys obviously loved them as much as I do, because they flew off of my shelves. I’m not even a pastel kind of person, but I adore these colors! Just look! It’s so refreshing seeing other colors besides the usual basic ones.

I mean…

Now I just need to come up with, and draw, this week’s style in the Alphabet Series and make the practice sheet to go with it. Gah. That’s like the biggest task of the whole day, and I saved it for last…? Oh well, I better get to it then.

So, happy Friday my friend! Thank you for keeping me busy sometimes and for sharing parts of your life and letters with me. I appreciate it immensely. As a token of my gratitude, here’s a pic of Idris Elba to go with your Friday wine. Btw, did I mention that it’s wine time here SOON?


Today I went outside my house into another building that wasn’t a food store or the empty gym, in what feels like the first time in 10 years. I’m sitting in a totally empty café writing this, and although I love being in my own house, this is really like getting a dash of oxygen right into my body. What a luxury this is.

Now that we’ve established where I’m at, I have to get one thing off my chest first of all: I am honestly so thrilled to have a blog again! I have so many words inside of me, all the time, they’re like clogging up my brain but in a good way if you know what I mean? It’s always been like this for me, and having an outlet for them right here feels SO good. Didn’t actually know how much I’ve missed it until I started writing this post.

(I did have a blog that I started almost 8 years or so ago when the kids were little, and for 4 or 5 of the most intense years of my life I documented my struggle not to drown in all of it, it is a pretty unglamorous and totally sarcastic and exhausting journey in Swedish called Kaosyoga for those Swedish readers who might be interested. And yes, it gave me my former IG handle, Kaosyoga Lettering. I quit the blog  just a few months before I got a serious burn out that led to me finding a brush pen in a drawer and six months later quit my job, and well, here we are.)

And second of all: What started out as a joke from my side now is a reality thanks to you guys who commented on my latest instagram post. Idris Elba is now totally a thing in here, he’s even got his own category and all, just like we talked about. And I just decided, like two minutes ago, to post an Idris Elba appreciation post every Friday, so that we can all chit chat about this and that in here and pretend that this shitstorm of a virus isn’t roaming the earth and ruthlessly and violently changing all of our lives. Instead we can just pop a glas of wine wile looking at Idris because we deserve that, we really do.

Okay, now this lady is looking at me, wondering why I’m not working with my new website that’s due to day

And she’s kinda got a point, we’re gonna send it off into cyberspace and the great www this evening, and it’s not quite finished yet so I better get to it. It was nice talking to you, though!

Happy Friday, bitches!