Ink & Lise is the result of an ounce of frustration, a lot of laughter and a bit too much wine (which applies to most things in my life when I think about it). My frustration stemmed from not being able to find the prints and t-shirts I wanted. I love words, but select them carefully. They’re so important to me that when I couldn’t find what I wanted, I drew them myself. And then I found that I had similar problems with pens. I couldn’t find some of my favorites at any local retailers, and they ended up being disgustingly expensive since I had to have them sent from Asia and pay the shipping fees. So I found some distributors and started selling them myself.


Ink & Lise also exists because I think it’s of great interest to all of us that we remember what is important in life and what’s not. Words hold power, and used the right way they can create magic. That’s the kind of power I think we should harness. If you want, you can view Ink & Lise as a slightly cheeky voice raised against the patriarchy, narrow views on the perfect body, oppression and elitism. Or, you can see the company as a means to get a limited edition print sent to your home, or as your favorite stationery shop – that’s fine too.


No matter how you view the company, Ink & Lise only works with people and companies that are genuine and kind. I made that decision day one. It’s important to me and seeps into pretty much everything I do. That, and wine.


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OK, so let’s deal with a few facts about me, I guess it’s only proper. My name is Lise Hellström, I’m 40-something and live in Varberg, Sweden. Some of the things I love are curiosity, coffee and people who shake me up. I have a great, and rather unrequited, love for space, astrology, mossy forests and Aretha Franklin, but my love for words is a happy story. I love preussian blue and animals and I also feel strongly that there is no such thing as “too much ink”. I had the good fortune to marry one of the funniest, most caring people I’ve met, and our three children are not too shabby themselves – it seems they take after their mother.


I have been writing for as long as I can remember, but I have only been drawing letters since 2016, which makes 2016 The-Year-I-Started-A-Hobby. Since drawing words is the best thing in the world, I quit my day job and started Ink & Lise in 2017. So far, my only colleagues are a dog and two cats, and I work from my little studio at home, which is exactly how I like I to be.


So, if you have some fun ideas you want to collaborate on, or if you just want to treat me to a cup of coffee and talk about bending space-time and dark matter, give me a holler. You get a few brownie points if you like Hardcore Superstars, serifs or Cocker Spaniels, but I’m sure we’ll get along just fine if you don’t.


Talk to you soon!